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hard time >> the move a victory they say in their favor one put bank ag on the face of mayor rahm emmanuel something about how foolish the mayor was atoll rash everything was >> this is something for his ego something for political career yanked from him today >> do not expect fewer protesters nato summit just as big of a target to stage a demonstration >> we fully intend to march >> more will probably show up victory today in part due to protesters protest work everything planning is peaceful and nonviolent protesters every intention to maintain that no interest in violence whatsoever >> all of the protest expect to have more protesters here in may for nato summit director illinois aclu says perhaps fewer
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will come because of tonight's announcement security aides big concern cost still expected to be in the tens of billions of dollars if not more. daley plaza tonight sean lewis wgn news @ 9 >> lot more on the president's decision and local analysis later in the newscast. in other states attorney eric holder spoke today government the right to kill americans overseas only real threat to the country captured on harpe >> assassinations not waffle killings here reasons i have given united states government self-defense against al-qaeda were associated force who presents imminent threat of an attack would not be unlawful >> eric holder for into the
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killing of american anwar awlaki in yemen last year self- proclaimed terrorist and al- qaeda leader and the government must counter terrorist threats and protect the innocent. coming up parents tense about suburban middle school young students brought a loaded gun to the school but parents find out after newsrooms and pressure building of local campus coming up students taking a stand on exploding toilets and tom skilling says a big warm up full forecast coming out
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wgn news @ 9 top story of what motivated moving g-8 summit from chicago and how long has it been in the works? talking to local experts >> the group of 8 officially heading to the camp david, ponce white house pulled the plug and wondering why would have been chicago first city in 35 years to host meetings of this magnitude back-to-back. g-8 summit and nato summit scheduled and last may. mayor rahm emmanuel >> very embarrassing >> embarrassing because the one time chief of staff to president obama now mayor of home town is letting go >> best trained police force >> posting host of both g-8 summit and what nato summit site itself reads this. nato summit coming to chicago in spring 2012 no longer any mention of g-8 summit known for drawing
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protests in the past moved to camp david for dignitaries have been posted for decades secluded and secure white house made the call and one alderman in chicago says security was the reason >> more unusual to find one of these any major city. as we have learned from seattle and protests there i think again aldermen might have it correct when he says told a security is a concern >> announcement 3:00 p.m. local time statement from the white house facilitating a free- flowing discussion. statement. chicago's mayor responded with little understanding of exactly why. looking forward to hosting nato summit in chicago. meanwhile president security council makes it clear not based on terrorist threat
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>> recent days police prepare and is called into question attention in syria and iran rising political uncertainty across the globe, might be at the heart of the decision. what is true announcement says and no specific terrorist threat on the other hand military activity would make sense to use a safer place >> nato summit continues may 20th-21st. officers critical of training the training continues so says the union and the city's top cop surprise to learn about white house change in summit plans. >> my understanding of training will proceed. what they were planning for g-8 summit apply it to g-8 summit apply to nato summit differences last days of having the officers on call at all times >> we specialize in changing gears i do not see anything
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changing quite frankly >> presidential election year. the president does not want anything to look bad that reflects on chicago or mayor rahm emmanuel most of all himself >> reputation g-8 summit of creating security concerns more common lately held in remote locations. big city like chicago hosting and national security like this one not normal >> state and federal emergency it percent at this link to areas hit by tornadoes last week fee but starting document the damage downstate harrisburg cincinnati area dump trucks hauling away debris from downed trees and damaged buildings ohio gov. says state can handle the clean-up but did not ask for federal disaster declaration. indiana ef4 level twister leveled two small towns damage has taken a toll
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>> people in town lost homes before they sleep and eat we have a business they lost everything. their home and everything. it is very very bad >> no changes in the death toll still standing at 39. making things tougher on the tornado victims bitter cold several inches of snowfall southern indiana north central kentucky overnight snowfall melting by early afternoon in the region getting a break for a while. credible tip student searched and suburban middle school on lockdown after a loaded gun is found island lake school lockdown from eight until 11:00 this morning. might have been the tense situation school superintendent says everything worked out which should have >> a phenomenal job but no threat school was on lockdown for policies and it became no
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threat to any student >> alleged suspect was searched and the gun was found. university of chicago administrators say improving plumbing at pierce tower started to face thousands of dollars to live in the building say bathrooms in serious disrepair pictures of broken toilets sinks with sewage backed up urine soaked bathrooms posted on the internet sunset toilettes exploding hoisting human waste promising to fix the elevators paint and the by new furniture. tom skilling when we can get 60 degree temperatures in chicagos neruououou're
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meteorologist with weather but folks captured the aftermath of storm indiana. stunning how little is left tornado area no leaves left on the tree scoured by the force of the wind beautiful day today note tornadoes in the immediate future good news quieted down for a while this has been the busiest 10-20% of the early severe weather seasons so far according to store prediction center in illinois preparing this week april may and june big months also pointing out note tornadoes. goodbye to the clouds in which we started the day watching sunshine eliminating the plan and warming them up into the '70s today same thing tomorrow maybe not '70s but '60s on the way looking at snow melting northern suburbs today's
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bulletin board warmer tomorrow at the view from harvard 43 degree temperatures tonight. 31 degrees at all parizeau and mchenry county. garden city kansas high temperature 54 degrees look at this sunshine. some of the high temperatures across kansas during the course of the day you can see what is on the way. high temperatures 37 degrees in chicago 75 degrees and 77 degrees at dallas. no sign it coming down any big way. a lot of the country it warmer than 24 hours ago 24-hour temperature increases. when the
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south at 14 mi. per hour. radar shows flurries with the area never down to the ground. across wisconsin a war front and this is the storm sweeping across the northern rockies turning went to the south. warming us up big time tomorrow and wednesday warmest temperatures no clouds until wednesday may be showers and thunderstorms. most of the 15 days above normal. 6-10 base averaging above according to the models 11-15 day range high- pressure east with big storm to the west. wind is going to roar picking up later tonight wednesday rainfall coming into
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the area late at night. turning win the cooler winter at the surface turning southwest upper level went marriage of sot of the banned ground level you tend to get wind picking up dramatically. wind gusts by morning but look what happens during the day costs over 40 mi. per hour across the area. 50 mi. per hour with gusts predicted by models here. very very warm. and when the wind is not expected until late thursday thunderstorms rainfall area and pulling out of here on thursday morning getting warmer at that time. rainfall no big deal. under a quarter of binge in most areas next 10 days one shot of warm air with cold air pushed up
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to the north. cool down coming in on thursday-friday and weekend more mild air pushing into the area might have weather system later in the weekend with rainfall. warwick reid gathersthe warmth comes back late in the 10 day period. mild weather the next couple of weeks. dominant whether we see in chicago area. south led to 10-22 degrees by morning miles per hour by morning. much milder 20 degrees warmer than today. almost 20 degrees above normal. scattered clouds would be 41 degrees tomorrow night. seven
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day forecast says will not be around very long. wind turning southern and starting to warm up on saturday. we changed the clock this weekend springing forward. if you need more evidence heading in the right direction there is. >> coming up chicago bulls looking for payback one of two teams that beat them at united center this weekend cactus league managerial debut for robin ventura sports next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i've got a little secret, too ♪ ♪ i've got a mad little crush on you ♪ [ female announcer ] it's always better when there's a little more to love. introducing our silky smooth dove chocolate bar.
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tonight >> another night another game for chicago bulls coming from behind last night philadelphia one of only two teams to beat chicago bulls at united center this year the indiana pacers richard hamilton first year with chicago bulls injuries running through a screen injuring right shoulder couple minutes and it did not return a good third quarter derrick rose a three- pointer their chicago bulls up by seven shot clock running down no problem deng way downtown. of the pacers a mess chicagos on the run to taj gibson bulls score by 20 over pacers, 92-72 final margin. >> i thought the third quarter we had great energy. i thought
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we were playing both ends with a lot of energy recounting got us over the hump >> robin ventura kim his managerial debut tonight white sox cactus league opener against los angeles dodgers alexei ramirez single to left scores jim gallagher tied the game 1-1 tough day for pitcher nestor molina sox debut serving up a mammoth shot to the dodgers player dodger's scott van slyke to run home run and dan johnson homered for the white sox dropping spring opener 6-4. last year opening day starter ryan dempster the amount for chicago cubs against oakland athletics. one of his two strikeouts. blake dewitt trying to make the team not roster player 3-1 rocket to right field and the oakland athletics rallied from five runs down 8-7. congratulations
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northwestern john shurna all- time scoring leader named tonight first-team all big 10 michigan state draymond green player of the year chicago bears after wide receiver free agency said diego penn said jackson of billable charges elected not to use the franchise tag the cheifs did tag receiver dwayne bowe football season starts saturday in chicago or arena football season chicago rushed set to get started after a 13-4 campaign veteran quarterback leading the way vet qb russ michna took the rest of the conference semis last year. best part right now healthy last few years not to be a healthy most important thing. i am excited about where we are. much farther along than last year talent i think sky is the limit for this group >> good luck to the breast saturday night >> that is the news.
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